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Q. How long this bathtub can be used?

A. Sobble cushion bathtub can be used from newborn baby to 18 months baby. After 18 months, babies enjoy the bathing with their mom and dad. Sobble cushion bathtub is made for babies who are the most needed to have the baby bathtub.

Q. Could the color of bathtub change or be stained?

A. Keep the pen or ink away from the bathtub. After bathing, wipe the water with dry towel and store it in a cool and well ventilated place.

Q. Do I need two Sobble cushion bathtubs each for bathing and rinsing?

A. Sobble Cuhsion bathtub fits into a sink for easy stand bathing. After bathing, easily rinse the baby with running water in the sink. ( DO NOT USE SINK IN BATH ROOM IT CAN CAUSED ACCIDENT ! ) 


Q. There is no drain hole. How can I drain the water?

A. Drain hole is not safe because it can hurt baby or cause water bacteria. Large size bathtub requires a lot of water and it needs the drain hole. But Sobble Cushion bathtub provides easy and convenient bathing with only 3L of water so that you can drain the water easily.

Q. There are holes on the back side of bathtub.

A. As Sobble cushion bathtub is made of Polyurethane, tiny bubble mark on the back side is made during its foaming process of production. Since the finishing is made by craft process, the shape may not be same every products. It is not defect and no problem for its safe use.

Q. Does it cause harmful substances if I pour hot water?

A. Sobble cushion bathtub is made of medical grade Polyurethane material which is harmless for baby and perfectly safe even if pour hot water. If you pour the hot water to Sobble cushion bathtub, the cushion becomes softer so you can feel excellent softness while bathing.

Q. Doesn’t it have neck-rest or baby bath chair?

A. Sobble cushion bathtub is made of asymmetric design. It has two different angles which provide ideal bathing position for baby with Sobble marshmallow stopper. Before 6 months, take a bath your baby on the big circle part. After six month baby, bathing your baby on twin circle part for reliable and comfort bathing without bathing chair.

Q. Can it be used for other purposes?

A. As Sobble cushion bathtub has excellent softness, can be used for any baby activities such as baby massage, baby tactile developing activity. Playing with soft foods like Tofu, Seaweed, Noodle is very good for baby sense development. After playing these activities or taking baby massage, simply clean the playing place with water.

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